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It takes a village to raise a family.  Then why are so many of us doing it alone?  We are a brand new network based in central NJ but connected world-wide for parents that meet when we can and cater to both moms and dads, whether you are home full-time or not.  Our goal is to arrange play-dates, free babysitting, adult conversation, and provide you with a trusted village you can call home.  



March 22, 2016

Scheduled date for online Google Hangout #2. 


March 15, 2016

Our first online Google Hangout.  So successful we'll be doing it every Tuesday night @8:00pm EST.  Join our facebook group to learn more.


January 30, 2016

Our first meeting!  Went well. We met at a member's house. Can't wait to do it again!

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